Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting thedesignfirms website. Please take a moment and read our privacy policy carefully.

We Collect Information

When it comes to personal information, we only collect information such as your name and email address. No personal information will be taken without your full consent. However, we do collect your IP address in order to collect and manage cookies. We only do this to improve the user experience for each of our visitors.

We Don’t Share Any Information

Any information we collect regarding our visitors is not shared with a third party. We value our visitor’s privacy and make sure to keep any information collected safe and secure.

What Do We Do With the Information

The information we collect is only for one purpose. This purpose is to ensure your user experience is seamless and convenient.

Who Do We Share the Information With If Needed

We make sure to keep any information collected safe and will not provide it to any other party. However, we only share the information with government agencies if they have requested it or if we have to inform them of any fraudulent activities.

External Links

We do provide external links to our visitors but take no responsibility for the content on the external link. We also take no responsibility if the external link causes any sort of harm or damage.

You May Disable Cookies

You have the right to disable cookies if you want to. We only use them to make the user experience better for our visitors.


The privacy policy may be revised if there is any need. However, visitors will be informed regarding the change.

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