Only 1 Out of 10,000 Mobile App Startups Succeed – Here is Why

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There was a time when mobile phones were a luxury. Few people felt the need to carry a digital device with them. Today, over 63% of people sleep with their phones, and over 3 million mobile apps are already ready to be installed from Play Store.

With the rise of mobile phones came the glory of apps. From simple messaging apps to on-demand businesses, the app world has witnessed a revolution. With thousands of mobile apps knocking doors of the app stores, only 1 out of 10,000 mobile apps are successful.

Ever wonder why?

This article explores the major reasons for the failures of mobile app startups, reasons behind the failures, and ways to avoid them in your next startup.

Reasons Why Mobile App Startups Fail

Here is why your next mobile app startup may not make it to the users’ hearts:

You Chose the Wrong Mobile App Development Company

Finding a mobile app development company that is 100% reliable and experienced in your niche is the key to success. Working with an incompetent partner can drown you before even sailing.

Mobile phones are the closest gadget to users. Everything about the mobile app gets noticed, from the first screen popping as the user opens the app to the logout screen and everything in between. Even the smallest mistakes in development and design get noticed, kill the fun, and push the users away.

Mobile app users are reluctant to download apps that occupy ample space, considering smartphones’ limited space. Also, more memory usage can reduce the overall performance of mobile phones. Thus, an app that asks for a lot of space on the phone will never become viral.

Also, most inexperienced mobile app development companies often ignore the design elements. Great design is as important as is flawless functionality. Mobile app development companies who don’t understand the significance of creating an intriguing mobile app and a memorable user experience are bound to make you fail.

The Target Audience Isn’t Accurately Identified

Knowing your exact target audience is integral for success. Explore everything that you can about your target audience to reach out to them effectively. Targeting everyone will evaporate your mobile app startup sooner than you feared.

Identify the right target audience, with very (read: very, very, very) clear image of your users. Write down their geographic, demographic, psychographic, and all other characteristics that you can explore. Understanding their motivation to engage with your mobile app startup will define your marketing strategies and help shape your business dynamics.

Start by writing down their age, location, occupation, frequently used devices, and economic class. Explore whether they are currently using a similar app or utilizing similar services from a retail store.

Often mobile app startups fail to target the right audience, try catering everyone, or don’t know their audience well enough to design and develop for them. You might even want to engage with your users during the development phase (Hint: Minimum Viable Product)

Users Don’t Really Need It

Not all users are ready for automation. Not all businesses need a mobile app.

It is integral to conduct thorough research before you invest in a mobile app startup. Knowing the characteristics, behavior, and preferences of the target audience is essential for any successful startup. Most mobile app startups fail when you don’t evaluate the need for the app.

Let us say only 5% of your target audience uses mobile data. Would a mobile app startup for finding restaurants nearby while driving become successful? No, because the target audience does not use mobile data. Hence, they won’t have access to the app when needed.

‘The value of an idea lies in the using of it’ – Thomas Edison

In another case, it’s important to launch a mobile app startup when the users are ready to adopt automation. Let’s say you started a mobile app for delivering fruits and vegetables for an audience that enjoys a friendly bond with the local store. Your average user prefers chatting with the local store guy and might even pay the store monthly or later if in a hurry. You have to ensure whether your audience is willing to upgrade or not.

You Added Too-Many Features

A mobile app startup that looks overwhelming can push the users away. If your mobile app has too many features that are not really required, then chances are that users are already running away from you. A complex mobile app is destined to fail, for a number of reasons. It occupies more space, complicates the user, confuses the audience, and sounds too ornamental to try.

The simplest apps make it to the top. Think of Flappy Bird. A simple game without tons of characters, shopping store for accessories, or anything, yet millions of downloads. Your focus should not be on creating an out of the world app, but one that solves users’ problems and makes it to their heart.

Also, choosing the right platform for your mobile app startup is essential. Often mobile app development companies recommend tapping both iOS and Android platforms. Don’t fall into the trap. Instead, know which platforms your target audience uses.

In a parallel world, having a clear vision and understanding of your business goals will help find the audience on your chosen platform.

‘Make it easy for your audience to use your app with their friends. Evaluate your revenue metrics, and benchmark with industry leaders’ - Anila Andrade, 99Games

Be ready for the challenges ahead. Do your homework well before you launch into the app stores, know your target audience well, meticulously analyze the technical aspects, and introduce a mobile app startup that reaches the highest skies.

App stores are hosting new mobile apps every day, but very few survive. We have summarized some key reasons that lead to the failure of startups with a myopic business vision. Trusting a reliable mobile app development company can solve most of your problems, for they know how to make you stand out in the app stores.

What are your plans for your next mobile app?

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