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Our expert researchers and analyzers found and ranked the top WordPress web design firms for you to partner with. These companies have a list of services that cover everything from custom web design to SEO and everything in the middle. Our unique research methodology helped us rank the leading WordPress web design firms for you to hire and build excellent custom websites and much more. Explore our list and find a partner according to your needs!

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How We Find & Rank WordPress Firms

Finding a WordPress web design firm online is easy. However, finding one that is credible, professional, and experienced can be quite challenging. Therefore, to ensure clients hire the top WordPress web design firms for services we conduct extensive research. Our unique research methodology comprises of both quantitative and qualitative forms of research. This makes sure that our findings and results are high in validity and reliability. Check out our step-by-step process below.

Our Step-by-step Process of Evaluating WordPress Web Design Firms

The Website & Social Media

Our analysts make sure to begin the research by evaluating the WordPress web design firm’s website and other online platforms on social media. We examine and evaluate what the experience level of the company is. We also find out how active the firm’s website is. Other than this, we examine what their online status is. Do people follow the firm? Are they impressed by the work? Do people show interest? We find out what we can and make sure to not miss out any detail to ensure the company is legit and has a good online presence.


In the second stage of our research process, we dig into the WordPress web design firm’s portfolio. The portfolio gives us all the vital information we need to understand the company’s work ethics, level of specialization, professionalism, and much more. We are able to judge the work the company has done and how it helped the client. We prefer to select those companies with unique and client-focused approaches. Therefore, if the company ticks this criterion, it moves on to our next phase of the research process.

Client Feedback

In order for us to confirm the level of specialization, experience, and professionalism a WordPress web design firm has, we make sure to ask previous clients. We check out what the clients have said regarding the company’s work. If there are negative reviews, we see if the company took out time to address the concern or not. A negative review might be acceptable depending on the severity but an unaddressed or fake review will eliminate the firm from our research process.

We also conduct client interviews. This helps us gain more information regarding the company. Did the company understand your requirements? Did the company keep you posted? What type of approach do you think the company had? Was their work satisfactory? These are some of the questions we ask and the answers we get, determine whether the firm moves on for further evaluation or not.

Service Evaluation  

Why does a client want to hire a WordPress web design firm? Well, every client wants to partner with a WordPress web design agency that can put together a website that is 100% unique. The client wants a website that can reflect the client’s business’s personality and ethos from the very core. This ensures the website to be distinctive and helps the client’s website set apart from the handful of websites online.

When ranking WordPress web design firms, we make sure to determine which agency does best in delivering high-quality custom web design services along with SEO and other helpful services in between. More importantly, we make sure to evaluate the WordPress web design firm’s process of keeping a website safe and secure from hackers and other threats.

How to Hire A WordPress Web Design Company?

Determine Your Objectives

What do you hope to achieve from custom web design services? Do you need anything else? By setting your goals and objectives, you’ll know what your requirements and needs are. This ultimately will help you convey your idea to the WordPress web design company with clarity. Therefore, ensuring you get exactly what you want.

Set Your Budget

Once you’ve set your goals and objectives, go around and get quotes from WordPress web design firms. This will help you get an idea as to how much your budget should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a WordPress web design cost?

The estimated cost ranges between $3,000 to $6000. The price varies according to the project and type of WordPress design agency you hire.

Why hire a WordPress web design company? 

A WordPress web design company has the expertise and knowledge required to deliver you unique custom web designs. 



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