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We understand finding the best UX design firm isn’t easy. Therefore, we aim to save you the hassle by bringing you the top 10 UX design companies. These UX design firms put the client above everything and deliver professional UX design services. Below our table of best UX design firms, you’ll find information regarding our process of selecting and ranking each UX design company.


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Our Process of Selecting and Ranking Each UX Design Agency

When it comes to selecting and ranking a UX design firm on our list we make sure to do extensive research about that UX design company first. We have a unique methodology that consists of both quantitative and qualitative forms of research. Therefore, giving our findings high validity and reliability. Below, we’ve mentioned our step by step process for evaluating UX design firms for our list.

UX Design Agency’s Portfolio

The portfolio can tell us a lot about the UX design firm. This is because we can look into the projects the firm has worked on. Therefore, giving us the opportunity to analyze and evaluate where the UX design company stands. We make sure to check each and every project the UX design agency has worked on and along with that, we look into the client’s review regarding it. Therefore, this gives us a good insight into how professional the UX design agency is. When it comes to our list, we only select those agencies that deliver professional UX design services and value their clients.

Client Feedback  

We conduct interviews with the UX design firm’s previous clients in order for us to explore what the weakness and strengths of the firm are. We only aim to select UX design firms that have clear communication, expert designers, consultants, and a unique design process. This qualitative form of research allows us to collect in-depth information regarding the UX design firm. Therefore, we are able to understand the potential and experience level of the firm. Since we only select the best UX design firms, we make sure to collect as much information as we can to ensure our findings are reliable.


Evaluating the skills a UX design firm possesses can be quite difficult. However, we conduct interviews with the team members to get information regarding the experience and expertise they have. We make sure to match their words with clients as well to ensure the findings are high in validity and don’t include any demand characteristics. When it comes to evaluating the skills, it isn’t enough to just conduct interviews with the designers in the team. Therefore, we continue our evaluation process by taking a deeper look into each UX design firm’s processes they use when delivering UX design services.

Strong Research

When it comes to UX design services, research is critical. User experience is all about developing an interface that provides a seamless experience to the user. Therefore, in order for a UX design agency to provide an easy to use interface to the user, research must be conducted thoroughly. This means the agency should have a team of excellent researchers who go beyond the expected limit to understand what the users want.

All the UX design agencies we mention on our list do extensive user research to understand how they can improve the user’s experience. This is because without understanding the preference of the user, an agency won’t be able to provide the user with an easy to use interface. Therefore, when we look for UX design firms for our list, we make sure to select those that take research seriously.

Here’s how we determine if a UX design company conducts strong research.

Qualitative Research

When it comes to qualitative research an individual can attain in-depth information regarding any topic. Therefore, we prefer UX design agencies that use qualitative forms of research to understand the user’s personality, preferences, and needs. All of the UX design firms on our list conduct case studies, interviews, and focus groups to get a deeper understanding of what the user wants. The benefits of using qualitative forms of research are that it allows the findings to be high in validity.

Qualitative Research

With the help of qualitative forms of research a UX design firm can test the preference of a larger group more quickly. Using methods such as closed-ended questionnaires, an agency can conduct their research on a larger scale. Also, the findings from this type of research are representable, meaning they can be applied to more people as well. Therefore, making the findings high in reliability.

What Other Factors Should The UX Design Firms Be Agile In?

Other than research, there are several other aspects that are important for us to look into when evaluating a UX design agency.


Wireframing is a crucial aspect of the early stages of development. With the help of wireframing defining the hierarchy of elements on an interface and enabling them to communicate what they refer to becomes easier. Also, wireframing helps establish the basic structure of the UX design thus ensuring the whole process goes smoothly.


The best UX design companies always use prototyping. This is because it helps stimulate the real and future product. Also, it’s a great way to lure customers into investing in the product beforehand. Other than this, with the help of prototyping, testing the design to determine whether there are any errors becomes easier as well.


Without testing a UX design firm cannot determine whether the product is best for the user or not. Therefore, we prefer to select those UX design firms that make sure to test the UX design to ensure it delivers the right experience to the user.

Additional Services

Just so that you can get all you need under one roof, we made sure to evaluate the additional services each UX design company on our list has.

Web Analytics

The UX design companies we’ve listed have the knowledge and tools to collect, report, and analyze data regarding your existing design.

Web Development

The UX design agencies we’ve mentioned on our list comprise web development and management specialists that will surely take care of the technical part of your website.


Our list of top ten UX design firms have a team of expert and professional UX design consultants. Therefore, if you ever need assistance or help regarding your site, these consultants will be there to help you out by giving you an overview of the entire UX design.

How To Select The Best UX Design Firms?

Even though we’ve mentioned the top ten UX design companies and how we’ve selected them, we want to make sure you make the right decision when hiring one. Here are a few things you must consider before hiring a UX design company.

Determine Your Goals

It’s important for you to define your goals as this will help you to understand what you’re expecting from acquiring UX design services. Therefore, making it easier in conveying your requirements to the UX design firm more effectively.

Determine Your Budget

By establishing your budget you’ll be able to determine which UX design agency’s services are reasonable for you. Each UX design agency has its own pricing strategy, so be sure to determine your budget so that you can select the right one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is UX Design?

The UX design/ User experience design is the process of designing an interface that provides a meaningful, useful, and seamless experience to the user.

How Much Does A UX Design Cost?

The cost of a UX design varies according to the UX Design Agency. However, an estimated cost would be around 300$ per hour.

Why Is UX Design Important?

Giving your visitors an easy to use interface enables them to trust your business and influences them to take action.


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