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Graphic design companies aim to help clients build a persona that engages customers. There are a handful of graphic design firms online. However, finding one that is experienced, professional, and highly creative can be quite difficult. Here at The Design Firms, we do extensive research in order to find and rank each graphic design company for clients to hire and build their businesses.

Razorfrog Web Design

We craft beautiful, functional WordPress websites.

Razorfrog Web Design provides custom web development to San Francisco Bay Area small businesses, brands, and professionals. We are WordPress experts committed to designing responsive websites that engage your customers, stimulate traffic, and cultivate your brand. We build value and help our San Francisco-based clients to achieve each their unique business goals by connecting sustainable technolog Read More ...

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View Profile $5,000+
2 - 9
/ hr
San Francisco, United States
Adult Creative

Creativity That Can't Be Matched

Adult Creative is a UK based SEO and web design agency specialising in the adult niche. Operating in the industry for over 8 years, we have a dedicated team of SEO experts, website designers and a link outreach department. Contact us today for a free SEO audit.

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10 - 49
Pairroxz Technologies

A Place Where Code means Creativity

Pairroxz has marked its existence in market since 2011. We are engaged in development of some of the finest and feature rich apps in Android & iOS. This is not the only we do, we work more as a creative agency where we serve Full Marketing and Communication, User Experience(UX) / User Interface(UI) Research, Strategy & Design, Enterprise Website, Shape your ideas in reality, Wire framing, Front En Read More ...

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2 - 9
/ hr

Mobile, Web, IoT, Business Analysis, UI/UX, QA

We make web and mobile products that meet demand and exceed expectations. With expertise in every step of the creation process, our team has the talent and focus to create customized solutions that fit your needs. We are specializing in Android, iOS, Unity, Web (front- and back-end) development and IoT & Embedded solutions. We work in deep collaboration with our Clients, making research, strate Read More ...

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View Profile $5,000+
50 - 249
/ hr
Kyiv, Ukraine
Mighty plus

We develop mobile games and gamification solutions

Mighty Plus is a mobile game development studio located in Minsk, Belarus. Our team has vast experience in game design, art, and coding. Our business roots are in mobile development, advertising, and gamification. Studio's founders are award winners in both advertising and mobile gaming industries. Our goal is to make games that are played by millions, enjoyed for years and remembered forever.

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2 - 9
/ hr
Logo Agency

Attractive and Unique Logo Designs

If you’re looking to promote your business and stand out from the competition, you need our help. Our team comprises professional, creative, and innovative logo designers who know how to take your ideas and turn them into an image that speaks a thousand words.!

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View Profile $1,000+
50 - 249
/ hr
Montgomery, United States
OMdeSIGN - Creative Digital Agency

London Digital Agency

OMdeSIGN is a creative digital agency. We bring together creative design, technical brilliance and digital marketing to help your business flourish online and offline. OMdeSIGN was founded in 2014 as a web design and development studio. At our core, we are a combination of designers and innovators  that provide big agency strategy, creat Read More ...

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View Profile $10,000+
2 - 9
/ hr
London, United Kingdom

Our Process of Finding & Ranking Graphic Design Firms for Our List

Finding a graphic design company is quite easy online.However, finding one that delivers the level of services they advertise can bequite challenging. Well, here at the Design Firms, we wish to help the top serviceproviding companies connect with clients in need of excellent services.Therefore, we go the extra mile and implement both quantitative and qualitativeforms of research in order to properly find and rank the top graphic designcompanies on our list.

Our Step-by-step Process

When it comes to finding a graphic design company, it doesn’t take up much time. However, when it comes to determining whether or not a graphic design firm is worth mentioning on our list, it always takes time. This is because we make sure to place each graphic design agency through a rigorous research process. Our unique methodology of finding and selecting the top brands for our list is what makes us the best at what we do. Below is our step-by-step process of selecting the top brands online for our list.

The Website

A website can tell us a lot about a business. It doesn’t matter what type of business you may have, your website will always indicate the level of experience you have and how active your business is. Therefore, the same applies to graphic design company’s website. Our researcher begins the process by analyzing the firm’s website. They make sure to find out when the website was created and last updated. This helps us in finding out how long the brand has been in the industry and how active they are. When selecting graphic design companies for our list, we always make sure to select those that have at least 2 years of experience and have a continuous active business status.

The Portfolio

A portfolio gives you all the information you need regarding a service provider. The portfolio of a graphic design firm includes the previous work completed by the agency. This helps us examine, understand, and evaluate the level of skills, creativity, and professionalism a graphic design company has. Therefore, when examining the portfolio of a graphic design firm, we make sure to not miss out on anything.

Client’s Feedback

For us the client’s feedback is crucial. We always make sure to check out what the clients have mentioned regarding the graphic design company. Generally, many of the graphic design firms include clientele feedback on the website. They do this to let other potential clients know how they’ve satisfied clients before them. However, to ensure the client feedbacks are legit, we make sure to conduct an interview via call or email. This helps us gain a ton of information regarding how the firm operates.

All firms have good and bad reviews. However, what matters is whether or not the agency took out time to address the client’s concerns/issues. A bad review might be accepted (Depending on the circumstance/reason) by us. But, a review unaddressed, eliminates the firm from our list immediately.

Service Evaluation

A graphic design company offers a variety of graphic design services. Therefore, it is crucial for us to evaluate each service separately. We look for graphic design companies that have that wow factor in the services they provide to clients. We make sure to select those graphic design firms that deliver professional, creative, and expert graphic design services.


Only the top graphic design agencies take research seriously. When a client comes forward to acquire graphic design services, it is the responsibility of the firm to conduct extensive research in order to truly understand what the client wants and what needs to be delivered to them that will benefit their business.


The main purpose for small and established businesses to invest in graphic design services is to convey the story they have to tell. Every business has a story to tell. Therefore, in order for the business to convey its message for the audience to hear, brand identification building is crucial. The visualization aspect of graphic design services is the process of creating visual elements that build a unique brand identity. Elements such as images, shapes, and colors are used to communicate the brand’s identification/message.

Web Design

Web designing is all about creating an interface that is engaging, informative, and responsive for the seamless experiences users are in search of. Many graphic design companies provide web design services. Therefore, we evaluate the level of expertise a graphic design company has in web designing by examining the web designs created by them. We make sure to evaluate whether the web designs are creative, unique, responsive, and have helped the client grow online identity.

Illustration for Graphic Design

A graphic design agency comprises a team of graphic designs and artists. It is their job to create compositions in order to communicate and solve problems. We evaluate the level of experience and expertise the designers have in this particular service.

                                                 How to Hire The Top Graphic Design Company Online

Once you’ve found a list of top graphic design firms online, you must determine which one you need to hire. Therefore, this means you must sit down and ask yourself a few questions. By answering these questions you’ll know what you need and how it will help you. Check out our list below:

Determine Your Budget

Before acquiring any services, you need to make sure to determine what your budget is. This will help you hire an agency that can provide services according to the amount you can invest.

Determine Your Goals

You need to determine what you expect from graphic design services. By understanding your needs, you can better communicate with the agency regarding what you need. This will ultimately help you get exactly what you need.

Analyze The Agency

When searching through our list of top graphic design firms to invest in, you’ll see a description section that gives you an overview on what the firm specializes in. Therefore, making it easier for you to match your preference with the agency and select one accordingly.

                                                                      Frequently Asked Questions

Graphic design is used in logos, websites, animation, and much more.
A graphic design can use hand-made illustrations or computer-aided designs. There are several tools and software online which a designer may use.
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