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Branding design firms specialize in creating new brands and rebranding. A branding agency helps a business in creating, planning, measuring, and managing branding strategies. However, finding a branding agency online is easy. But, finding one that is good at what it offers can be challenging. Therefore, we go the extra mile in order to find and select the top branding firms for clients to connect with. You can also view our unique methodology of finding and selecting branding firms below our “Top Branding Design Firms” table.

Logo Agency

Attractive and Unique Logo Designs

If you’re looking to promote your business and stand out from the competition, you need our help. Our team comprises professional, creative, and innovative logo designers who know how to take your ideas and turn them into an image that speaks a thousand words.!

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View Profile $1,000+
50 - 249
/ hr
Montgomery, United States
OMdeSIGN - Creative Digital Agency

London Digital Agency

OMdeSIGN is a creative digital agency. We bring together creative design, technical brilliance and digital marketing to help your business flourish online and offline. OMdeSIGN was founded in 2014 as a web design and development studio. At our core, we are a combination of designers and innovators  that provide big agency strategy, creat Read More ...

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View Profile $10,000+
2 - 9
/ hr
London, United Kingdom

How We Find & Select The Top Branding Design Firms for Our List

We understand clients are picky when it comes to hiring a branding firm online. Clients want to invest in an agency that can deliver what it promises. Therefore, in order to make it easier for clients to find the right branding partners, we conduct case studies, interviews, and much more in order to find and rank the top branding firms for our list. Our unique methodology has helped us in examining and evaluating top service providers and our results are always high in validity and reliability. Check out our step-by-step process below.

Case Study

Qualitative forms of research ensure the findings are high in validity. Therefore, we conduct case studies as they give us an insight into the work ethics and expertise of the branding firm. Through case studies, we are able to understand the branding firm’s own identity and the creative process they utilize when providing branding solutions to clients.

Portfolio Analysis

Through the branding agency’s portfolio, we are able to capture a lot of information regarding the firm’s previous work. We’re able to understand the level of creativity and uniqueness a branding firm has. When evaluating firms, if a branding firm’s portfolio includes similar styles, we cancel it out. We want to select those branding firms that employ excellent strategies to help the client’s business.

Branding Strategies

Many digital marketing agencies provide several services including branding. However, when selecting agencies for our list, we prefer those agencies that provide services dedicated to branding only. Of course, the agency we choose must have sound knowledge of PPC, SEO, Website Promotion, and Social Media. This is because branding works more effectively with these digital marketing strategies. Therefore, when evaluating branding firms at this stage of the research process, we make sure to find out as much as we can regarding the branding strategy a branding firm implements. The top branding design firms we select have unique and top-notch branding strategies that deliver the solution client’s want and need.


When evaluating a branding company, we always make sure to examine the research process it implements. Research is key when it comes to successfully delivering branding solutions. It the responsibility of branding firms to conduct extensive research in order to understand the nature of the client’s business, industry, products, and customers. Therefore, this enables the branding company to deliver a solution that matches the client’s business vision and branding goals.


It is important for the branding firm to understand what the client needs. Research is one way of achieving valuable information. However, without communication, a branding firm will never be able to work effectively in order to deliver exactly what the client wants. Therefore, when evaluating firms for our list, we make sure to get a closer look at how they work. We see how often the branding firm communicates with the client, how active the customer support is, and how good it’s reporting is.

How to Hire A Branding Design Firm?

Understand Your Brand

When hiring a branding firm, you need to understand a few things. First of all, it is important that before you head into searching for the right branding firm for your business, you must understand and learn your strong and weak points. This will help you recognize what makes your brand special and what image would look best for it.

Determine Your Goals

It’s important that before selecting any branding design agency for assistance, you must determine what your brand mission is. Are you trying to target and reach a new audience or rebrand your business? Once you’ve understood your branding goals, reaching them becomes easier.

Develop A Budget

Once you’ve set your branding goals and have understood your brand, you need to do some research. You can contact branding firms, let them know what you need, and get a quote. This will help you determine which branding firm will deliver the services you need within the budget you’ve set.

Frequently Asked Questions

The estimated cost of branding ranges between $5000-$15,000 (freelancers and small firms), $15,000-$75,000 (large firms).
Our aim isn’t to find companies that deliver affordable services. What matters is that the branding company we select has the ability to deliver services that make the investment worth it.
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