Top 10 App Design Firms

Finding the best and affordable app design firms in USA in this era have become quite difficult. It is mostly because the competition in the app industry is gradually becoming tougher. There are a handful of top 10 and affordable mobile application design firms that are working effectively in order to develop apps that satisfy the client’s needs. However, to make it easier for you to make your decision on which top 10 affordable mobile app design firms in USA is the best to work with, we’ve made up our own list which we developed through extensive research and expert evaluation.

NewAgeSMB - Mobile App Design & Development, NJ, NY & FL


NewAgeSMB, a division of NewAgeSys, Inc. was established in 1994. We are based in New Jersey and specializes in mobile app development and consulting, helping clients maximize the reach and effectiveness of their business by leveraging the latest in technology. We are a full-stack iOS, Android, and web development company having more than 20 years of expertise in mobile app development. We have Read More ...

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View Profile $5,000+
250 - 999
/ hr
appsolute GmbH

German mobile app developer

Appsolute GmbH was founded in 2009. Holger Meyer, a dedicated programmer, is the sole owner and managing director. He has been active in the software industry for more than 25 years. The company is characterized by flexible and goal-oriented processes. A flat hierarchy means any decision path is short and precise. Even prior to Apple opening the App store in 2008, ushering in the mobile revolutio Read More ...

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10 - 49
/ hr
App Design Company

Bringing Your App Ideas to Life

Driven by values and founded on strong business ethics. Rather than providing just a product or service, we provide the best available solution that fits our client’s financial and functional requirements. Our mission is to provide customized and usable solutions which maximize our client’s return on investment.

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10 - 49
/ hr
App Partner

Award-Winning Apps Created By a Team You'll Trust

App Partner is a NYC-based app development firm that works with Fortune 500 brands, leading retailers, funded startups and more to craft digital products and strategies that solve business problems and drive measurable results.   There's a reason "Partner" is in our name. We exist to help organizations achieve sustainable, long-term success. That means acting like part of the team, not just Read More ...

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10 - 49
/ hr

Mobile App Development Company

AppEmporio is a mobile app development company pouring its expertise for app development in any domain and platform. The valuable clients of App Emporio are located worldwide enjoying Android, iOS and other web-based solutions provided by App Emporio. 500+ well-carved apps of AppEmporio are already published various app platforms like App Store and Play Store. App Emporio dominates in the field Read More ...

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50 - 249
/ hr
MobileWays - Mobile App Development Studio

Bringing your innovative ideas to life

MobileWays is a mobile app technology startup based out of Hyderabad, India, founded by IT veterans. We have implemented a wide range of native mobile apps in iOS and android platform and Web Apps for customers across the globe. Our strength is to make the ideas to reality within a short period of time. We take pride in having the best in industry team with core expertise in mobile and web app dev Read More ...

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10 - 49
/ hr
Kartum Infotech

Software Development & IT Services

We are a leading IT firm that offers professional Web Design and Mobile Application Developmentas well as Offshore Business Application Solutions to clients both, global and domestic. Over the years, Kartum Infotech has evolved into a one-stop solution for customized, comprehensive, feasible, and affordable web based solutions for business requirements. Our sole aim is to provide best serv Read More ...

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50 - 249
/ hr
Surat, India
The App Ideas

Website & Mobile App Development Company

The App Ideas( is the leading mobile and Website, Mobile Apps & Game development company that can help your business grow with innovative and engaging solutions. We build cutting-edge digital solutions with the quick-engaging user interface and user experience. Over the years we have established ourselves as the leading service provider for mobile app development, websi Read More ...

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10 - 49
/ hr
Blue Whale Apps

Creating Apps Since the App Store Started

Blue Whale Apps is an industry-leading web, mobile and cloud app development company based in Washington DC. At Blue Whale Apps, we have award-winning strategists, team of design thinkers and software developers who are passionate about creating mobile apps and digital products for businesses of all sizes across the globe.   Our Technical Areas of Expertise:   AI/ML Development Services API Read More ...

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10 - 49
/ hr
App Boxer

Hello, We are App and Game Developers

We are a young company specializing in various “Smart Phone Apps” tailored to our customer’s needs. Being a young company we are price aggressive allowing us to offer our services at lower rates compared to our competitors. All our programmers and designers have 5+ years’ experience in the industry so you are getting the same services at lower rates. We go above and beyond! We don’t jus Read More ...

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10 - 49
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What is Our Process of Selecting and Evaluating Top 10 App Design Firms in USA for Our List?

When it comes to determining something it is highly important for one to do extensive research. Therefore, our team goes the extra mile in order to determine what each App Design Company has to offer and where that company stands in the industry.

We have come up with a unique methodology of selecting and evaluating top and best app design companies in order to mention them in our list. Continue reading on to see what our process looks like!

Affordable and Best Mobile Application Design Companies Website

We take a look at the app design firm’s website first. As a website can tell a lot about a company/business, we make sure to take note of how good the website is and see whether the firm has experience of 2 or more years in this field. Even though a new and affordable app design firm may perform really well, we prefer selecting those firms that have more experience in this field. 

Portfolio Checkup  

Once we’ve evaluated the firm’s website, the next step is to evaluate the portfolio. We take a closer look at the work the best and affordable mobile application design firms in the USA has done. This helps us check each and every previous app the agency has created. We keep an eye out to see where the agency is lacking originality and creativity as well. We do this because we only mention app design agencies that are unique, creative, and innovative in their app designing skills.

Of course, evaluating the work itself isn’t sufficient. We must go deeper into each project to determine how creative, innovative, and unique their work is. Therefore, we download the apps the affordable mobile application design firms have created in order to further study their designs and determine the quality of their work.

What Makes An Top 10 App Design Firms in USA Great?

Well, when it comes to determining what makes the best and top app design companies great, it is essential to take a look at the firm’s design process. Therefore, once we download the app design company’s previously created apps, we begin to evaluate its design process. Below, we have mentioned the aspects we look into when evaluating the design process.

Market Research & User Research

Regardless of what industry it may be, for any company that wants to stand out and solve the consumer’s concern by providing an A-grade solution, excellent market research is crucial. Therefore, we aim to only and always select those top and best mobile application design firms that are keen on doing excellent market research in order to come up with an app that actually provides the consumer something valuable. A company that does proper market research always comes up with creative, innovative, and unique app designs.

Other than this, the affordable and best app design companies must focus on user research. This is because with the help of user research an app designing agency can understand what the user not only wants but needs as well. All the app designing agencies we’ve mentioned on our list conduct surveys and workshops in order to clearly determine what the user’s needs are. If we notice any weak points in the market research and user research strategies of an top app design companies, we make sure to cancel them out.


Many of the top 10 mobile app design firms understand the purpose of wireframing. Basically, it is generally used in order to layout the content and functionality on a page that considers the user’s needs and also the user’s journey as well. Experienced and best mobile app design companies use wireframing in the early stages of the app development process in order to establish the standard structure of the page before any visual design or content is included. Wireframing provides an understanding of what user interface elements will be needed in the end/final version of the app. Top mobile app design companies prefer using professional tools such as Adobe XD, Sketch, or Photoshop.


Mobile app design firms on our list understand the purpose of prototyping. With the help of prototyping, affordable mobile application design firms can build an understanding of the app's look and feel. This helps in testing how customers will use and react to the UX design of the product. Prototyping used for usability testing gives the agency a good amount of time to make significant changes to the initial design of the app before the app reaches the development stage.

Style Guides

When it comes to creating the user interface when designing an app, a style guide can be quite useful. Best and top 10  app design firms use style guides as it helps them to outline the standards, principles, and rules that are needed to be followed. A style guide helps an app designing agency to enhance the app’s digital appearance and also makes the design process easier.

User Interface and Perfection

When we seek the top 10 app design companies for our list, we are always looking for those that are able to design apps with perfection. In order for an app design firm to do this, they must be able to make relevant changes according to UI trends, user preferences, and other elements/factors that might influence the app to make a statement in the industry.

Expert at iOS & Android App Design Companies in USA

All the top app design companies mentioned on our list specialize in both iOS and Android app designs. Since iOS and android have precise features that can have an impact on the usability and perception of an app, therefore, an app designing agency should be experts at designing both differently.

Extra Services  

When it comes to determining which affordable app design firms should be on our list, we always make sure the agency has the experience, good market/user research, and provides additional services. When evaluating promising best and affordable app design companies for our list, we ensure to see whether they provide extra services such as app development and app marketing. However, we also take a deeper look into these additional services to ensure that when it comes to providing these services, each top 10 app design firms is an expert at app development and app marketing. Therefore, in order for us to determine how good the app development and app marketing services are, we have designed a research method that is similar to our research design for app designing agencies. 

Affordable Services

The last step for us to determine whether the app design firms are perfect for our list is to ensure the packages they offer are affordable/reasonable. Any affordable app design agency offering app designing, development, or marketing services at prices that aren’t confirmed or not fixed have to be cut loose. We understand that many top 10 mobile app design companies charge by the hour or have fixed pricing according to the package. However, when finalizing the best and affordable mobile app design companies, we make sure they are clear with the pricing strategy and what it includes.

How to Pick the Right and Affordable App Design Firms in USA?

Now to help you understand how you should go about selecting an app design firms, we’ve mentioned some points for you to consider. We want to ensure the process of you deciding which app design companies to invest in becomes easy!

What’s the purpose of investing in an app?

When it comes to investing in an app design company, you must first determine what you expect to achieve from the app. Your business goals will give you an insight as to what is expected and needed from the app.

What Type of App do You Want? 

You can either get a mobile or web app designed, so you must be clear with what you want. When it comes to deciding the type of app you need, you must keep in mind the goals and necessities of the targeted users.

Set Your Budget

Each app design agency offers different prices. By determining what your budget is, deciding which affordable mobile app design firms is best for you will become easier. Set your budget so that you don’t end up spending more than you wanted for an app.

Talk to Yourself

By this we mean you should ask yourself the following questions and answer them accordingly as they will help you in designing an app with perfection without facing problems during the development stage.

  1. Do you really need an app?
  2. Who are your competitors?
  3. Android or iOS?
  4. What should the features in the app be?
  5. Do you have a logo designed?
  6. Which agency should you invest in?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an app for both iOS and android?

Yes, with the help of frameworks such as React and React native enabling the app to quickly support both platforms is possible.

What makes a great mobile app design?

Consistency is a fundamental principle of app designing. Consistency refers to the visual features being consistent across the app.

How much does an app design cost?

The cost of an app design depends on the complexity of the app. Therefore, even if the average hourly cost of app designing is 100$, complexity may increase the cost. An estimated cost of iOS would be between 3500$ - 13000$ and for android, it would be 2500$ to 12000$. However, a complex design could be above the range of 25000$

How long does the app designing process take?

When it comes to designing a simple/small app, the process may take 3 to 5 weeks. However, a larger app and more complex app could take up to 14 weeks, maybe even more.

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