Web Design VS UX Design VS UI Design: Find out The Difference

Web Design VS UX Design VS UI Design: Find out The Difference

Web Design VS UX Design VS UI Design: Find out The Difference

If you’ve ever worked with a web designing agency, you must be familiar with the terms UI design, web design, and UX design. However, understanding each term can be quite difficult. Therefore, today we are going to be breaking down the definition of each term, the differences, and similarities. Continue reading on as this will give you a good understanding of web designers, UX designers, and UI designers as well!

What is A Web Designer?

A web designer also referred to as a graphic designer is an individual that possesses the skills and creativity required to develop a web site that looks good. As the name itself suggests a web designer is someone who designs web sites.

A Web designer is responsible for planning, creating, and coding sites and website pages. This also includes combining texts with sounds, graphics, and video clips. In short, the web designer has the responsibility to create a design and layout for a web site. A web designer can either develop a new web site or upgrade one.

What is a UI designer?

A user interface designer or UI designer is someone who works closely with the UX designer. Therefore, many people confuse UX and UI as the same thing. However, it isn’t. Both designers share the same end goal but the journey is different. The most simple definition of UI is that is it what you use to interact with a product.

A UI designer focuses on improving the user’s visual experience. A UI design is all about how a user interacts with that interface. The UI designer’s job is to design all the screens through which a user will move around and to also create the visual elements to make the interface engaging.

What Is a User Experience Designer?

As the name suggests the user experience design is all about the user’s experience on an interface. The user experience designer’s job completely revolves around the user experience. They work towards ensuring the website, app, or other products are easy for the user to use. In short, A UX designer decides how the experience of the user will be.

Therefore, the initial process of the user experience design is to ensure these products are useful, easy to use, and convenient to interact with. Other than this, the main objective of the UX designer is to make sure that every user finds value in the product they interact with.

Website Design VS UX Design

If you’re wondering what website UX is, well, designing a website is one thing and making the website UX easy to use is something else. Designing a website UI that has attractive elements is important because that’s what the visitor sees, but web site UX design ensures the visitor/user has a seamless experience. A good website is one that has a robust UX design. A good web site UX will help you determine what the user wants and allow you to address those points. Other than this, a web site UX guarantees that the users are influenced to see your business in a positive way thus resulting in positive results for your business. Therefore, a web designer and UX designer can work together in order to create an excellent web site user experience.

What’s the Difference?

As you can see clearly, if both designers work together, the website designer's job is to create the website while the UX designer focuses on making the experience better on that website.

Website Design VS UI Design

A web site UI refers to the process of making the website appealing to the users. This includes each element presented, the color, layout, typography, and other design elements. Web site UI ensures that the visitor understands which part they are on the site and to employ typography that is appealing and easy to read.

What’s the Difference?

If you’re wondering what the difference is between a web designer and a UI designer, well, even though they both seem to do similar tasks, there is still a difference. While UI designs work on the look of the website, the web designer takes a look a deeper look into the website development process.

Can A Web designer Perform Both UI and UX?

When it comes to web site UI UX development there is a lot that goes into making one. This means, not only do you have to design a website, you have to manage it, upgrade it, optimize it, make the web site UX UI great as well. Now, if you’re wondering whether a web designer can do all of this, then that depends on the web designer. However, normally in the process of website UI UX development, a web designer may perform the role of a UI designer but there will always be a UX designer to focus on the UX design.

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