Product design vs UX design: What Is the Difference?

Product design vs UX design: What Is the Difference?

Product design vs UX design: What Is the Difference?

Often people get confused between the roles a product designer and UX designer performs. Many people argue the tasks performed by both are clearly similar while some suggest they are completely different. Well, if you’re not sure what a product designer is and are having difficulties understanding the difference between UX designers and product designers, you’re in the right place. This guide aims to assist you in understanding the roles each designer plays, what the similarities, and differences are. Also, we’ll beans wering a deeper question as well, “Product Design vs UX design: Which one is better?” Continue reading on as this blog will answer all your questions. 

What Is a Product Designer? 

A product designer is responsible for the user experience of the brand’s product. This is why a product designer is referred to as a user experience designer by many people. A product designer plays an important role in the crucial development stages of a product. This means the designer is generally associated with the visual aspects of the product. Therefore, they can play a key role in information architecture and the system design of a product as well.  

The key roles a product designer performs are asfollows: 




       User Journey Maps

Depending on the type and size of the business, the project designer’s role may include the above-mentioned roles or may be limited to just them. 

What Is a UX Designer? 

The main role of a UX designer is to make products or technology easy to use, easy to access, and enjoyable for users. A UX designer’s key role is to determine what is best for the user and the overall user experience. Other than this, the UX designer must focus on whether the product/service meets the needs of the consumer. 

The key roles a UX designer performs are as follows:

       Directing user research

       Generating user personas

       Determining the information architecture of a digital product

       Creating user flows and wireframes


       User testing

Product Design vs User Experience Design: What Is the Difference and Similarity? 

Up till now, we’ve only covered what the definition of a product designer and UX designer is. We know you might still be wondering what the difference is, don’t worry, we’re getting right into it. Also, we’ve mentioned the similarities which will help you understand why there is such confusion between the two designers.

The Similarities  

From what we’ve mentioned above, the similarities are quite obvious. Both, UX designers and product designers play very similar roles. Both designers play an important role in the product development stages while also taking user experience into consideration. However, the UX designer might go more in-depth when it comes to user experience. Other than this, both designers have to do extensive marketing research regarding the product/service in order to ensure it meets the needs of the consumers/users.

When we talk about the tools both designers use, even the tools are often the same. Software such as Lucid chart and overflow are both used by User experience designers and product designers.

The Differences

There are some differences in the job aspects of both UX designers and Product designers. One of the most significant differences in both designers is that a UX designer focuses more on whether the product is easy to use. On the other hand, a product designer will try to determine whether the product design is according to the trends and economic demands.

Another significant difference between the two is that a product designer aims to find ways to make the product design cost-effective. However, the UX designer will focus on how to make the design easy to use ,accessible, and enjoyable.

Once you start looking deeper into what the roles they play are, you’ll begin to see the major differences. Therefore, by looking at the roles performed by both designers, a clear image is set that the priorities of both designers are different. A UX designer’s major concern revolves around creating a user-friendly design. On the other hand, the product designer's concern revolves around the process, business, cost, and brand.

Product Design vs UX Design

Judging from the similarities and differences, one can conclude both play an important role. However, a product designer carries out more tasks than a UX designer. Product designers generally have a variety of skills to offer the business thus have more responsibilities when it comes to the product. Therefore, a product designer’s pay is higher than a UX designer as well.   

As per viewing the comparison between UX designers and product designers, it is safe to say both perform similar tasks. One can argue that a product designer performs far more tasks and has more responsibilities. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true! The level of hard work and dedication is always the same in both designers. Also, the level of responsibilities and need for skills varies according to the organization/project.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, we’ve covered all there is for you to know regarding what a project designer is and what the difference is between UX designers and Project designers. We hope we have answered all the questions you may have regarding this topic! One simple conclusion from the above information is that both designing careers are so similar that they are easily interchangeable.   

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