Hiring A Product Design Agency: Everything You Need to Know

Hiring A Product Design Agency: Everything You Need to Know

Hiring A Product Design Agency: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to hiring a product design agency, it can be quite challenging to find one that is experienced and credible. In fact, finding one that fulfills your requirements can be quite a tedious task. However, our article aims to help you make the right decision when it comes to hiring a product design agency. Continue reading on to find out the key aspects you need to look out for when hiring a product design company.

What does A Product Design Company do?

Product design agencies are oftentimes referred to as industrial design companies. However, this is a common misconception people have. Not every product design agency deals with physical product designs. In fact, some product design companies only specialize in product engineering and manufacturing. So, finding out which one does which can also be quite confusing. However, in order to hire the right company, you need to find out!

Generally, a product design agency is responsible for handling the entire product design lifecycle. Basically, everything from ideation, user testing, and prototyping to user interface and development too. This is why a product design firm comprises a team of UI designers, UX designers, and front-end developers. This is because the firm has to cover each step of the product’s design process and offer a variety of product design related services.

What can a Product Design firm do for you?

According to our research, the most common requests businesses have when it comes to product design companies may vary. However, if you’re wondering what exactly a product design company can help you with and should provide you with, we’ve broken them down for you below.

The survey findings also provide an idea of the most common request types businesses need help with. If you wonder whether a design company can help you with your specific need, here is what a product design firm can do for you:

Developing product ideas by conducting user interviews and testing. Focusing on finding out the user persona and discovering potential usability issues. Examining existing products, prototyping, designing, and building user-focused designs.

Generally, a product design agency offers several design, research, and development services in order to ensure the product development cycle goes smoothly. The reason why hiring a product design agency is worth the money is because clients can get assistance with a variety of problems and outsource the most challenging tasks.

What to Consider When Hiring a Product Design Company

Now that we’ve covered why hiring a product design agency is worth the time and effort, it’s time to break down how to hire a product design company that will meet your needs. The top product design companies use designing thinking when it comes to product design services. This actively represents the fact that these top companies are focusing on the end-user first. So, how to hire the right agency? Well, here is what you need to do.

Website Analysis

A product design company has to present itself in a way that is professional, creative, innovative, and attractive. This means the company’s website must have an aesthetic appeal and good functionality. This will portray a clear image of the company in terms of how experienced, active, and serious it is. In fact, the website can also give you information regarding the company’s past experiences.


This is something you surely cannot ignore when hiring a product design company. In fact, it is a crucial step to take before hiring any company. The portfolio of the product design company will give you a clear insight into how many clients the company has dealt with and how good the services were.

Since a good product design company is one that makes sure to go the extra mile, be creative, and user-focused, you need to look out for the factors that will indicate them. Therefore, dig into the product design firm’s portfolio and determine whether or not this is the company that can meet your needs.

Client Feedback

The previous experiences of the company will paint a clear picture of where the company stands. You need to hire a product design firm that believes in building strong relationships with clients. In fact, you need a product design company that makes sure to maintain transparency in reporting and communicating with the client.

Ultimately, by reviewing the client feedbacks you will get an idea as to how professional the company really is. And, you can judge whether or not this company has what it takes to deliver the services you need.

How to Hire a Product Design Company?

Now, that we’ve covered what you need to look into when hiring a product design firm, it’s time to provide you with a short guide on how to hire one. Below you will find the two main factors you must look into before taking any step towards finding a product design firm.

Understand Your Needs

The purpose of hiring a product design company is to acquire services that will help you reach your goal. If you don’t know what your goal is or aren’t sure about it, you need to determine them first. Ultimately, this will help you communicate your needs to the firm effectively for better results.

Set Your Budget

Once you’ve understood your needs and goals, it’s time to set your budget. You don’t want to end up spending more than you can chew. Therefore, do your research and find out what a few product design firms may charge in order to help you.

Where to Find the Best Product Design Companies?

In order to make your life easier and connect you with the top product design firms in 2021, The Design Firms has done all the research for you and has curated a list of the best product design companies you can hire for your next project.


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