Google Vs Bing Memes: The Reason behind Them

Google Vs Bing Memes: The Reason behind Them

Google Vs Bing Memes: The Reason behind Them

You might be familiar with Google vs Bing memes. Well, they are all over the internet and people really enjoy the humor in them. Often people wonder that people are just making fun of Bing because it tried to compete with Google but failed by quite a huge margin. However, that isn’t the reason behind Google vs Bing memes.

If you wanted to know what the main reason behind the popularity of Google vs Bing memes, well, you are certainly in the right place! Here you will find the answer you are looking for and we’ll be sharing some of the funniest Google vs Bing memes, so stick around!

The Reason behind Funny Google Vs Bing Memes

As we all know Google has been around for more than two decades. In fact, Google has now become the world’s number one search engine. And, there are certainly good reasons for it being the best search engine in the world. First of all, Google is fast, user-friendly, and is very accurate when it comes to presenting the right information for the user when needed.

However, the same surely cannot be said about Bing. Regardless of the efforts Bing made to beat Google, it never really came near the capacity and popularity Google has. But that is not the reason behind Google vs Bing memes.

Not so long ago, someone discovered that if one were to search for suicide related questions on Google and Bing, the results would be entirely different. By typing in suicide-related questions our friendly Google would always pull out suicide hotlines first. However, Bing on the other hand, will present you with the most efficient ways to end things. Even though this isn’t something to laugh at because it isn’t an appropriate topic to make jokes around, but it became an internationally recognized meme soon.

So, till this day, people use their creativity and humor to come up with hilarious Google vs Bing memes that instantly go viral for everyone to share a laugh.

Funniest Google vs Bing Memes

Haven’t seen a Google vs Bing meme before? No, worries! Here we are presenting you with the funniest Google vs Bing 

Which One is Better to Use?

Google has been known as the best search engine for years. Well, why shouldn’t it be? It is fast and very efficient when it comes to ranking relevant sites on top according to what the user may be looking for. The same can’t be said about Bing.

With all the jokes circulating online regarding Bing being irrelevant, people wonder who even uses Bing. Well, you’d be surprise to know 126 million unique US users performed 6 billion searches on Bing in 2019. Also, Bing controls 36% of the US desktop search market.

Believe it or not, both search engines, Google and Bing, aren’t as different as the jokes might tell you. So, is Bing better than Google? Probably not, but with all the jokes aside, Bing is the number 2 search engine in the world and it is ranked there for a reason.

Coming back to the main question of this section, which one is better to use? Well, whoever you ask, will certainly say Google. And, the reason for this is quite obvious and pretty straightforward. In fact, it is one of those topics you simply can’t argue about. This is mainly because Google has built its reputation and developed a brilliant connection with online users in terms of credibility and reliability.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, we’ve mentioned the funniest Google vs Bing memes along with the reason behind its popularity. However, if you want to check out some more funny Google vs Bing memes, all you have to do is visit Google, type in Funny Google Vs Bing Memes, and you’re good to go!

A friendly note: Some of the memes may be a bit too much in terms of them being very aggressive in nature.  Viewer discretion is advised. If you want to give Bing a test drive and see for yourself which one is the better search engine, go for it!

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